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for women changemakers who know that
Truly Transforming The World Starts With You

Impact Genuis 6 Modules Draft 2

I believe that women are

the great untapped force for change of our time.

We are entering a golden age of women’s empowerment, a new revolution where women are creating the communities, organizations and systems of the future.

— Morna

Dear Changemaking Woman,

you’re alive in a critical time.

the work you do is urgent and important.
the world needs YOU now.

With increasing personal, environmental, political and social pressures—I know it can feel like you have a rapidly shrinking timeframe for making impact.

Combine the very real urgency of your work in the world with juggling multiple responsibilities, family and the attention draining landscape of modern life, each day can feel like a never ending fire drill.

It’s natural that so many of us end up feeling overwhelmed, overcommitted and struggling to make the kind of impact in the world we were born to make. We might even find ourselves replicating the craziness in the systems we are trying to heal, even though we are skilled, caring people…

…working frantically, always trying to catch up, working for long periods at the edge of physical and emotional burnout, thinking short-term and feeling disconnected from what really brings you to life.

Why were you doing this again?

But you know this, you live it every day.

You also know that real transformation

in the world

does not emerge from this place.

In challenging times I believe we have 3 choices:


Go to sleep, stay in our bubbles and pretend everything’s going to be ok.



Continue working in the never ending fire drill, perpetuating the very craziness we seek to change, doing some good work for sure, but at the cost of our own health, sanity and in the long run only scratching the surface of the issues we are working with.



Do the work of Fully Waking Up and Staying Awake of stepping into our true power as changemakers. Transforming urgency into empowered presence, upgrading our capacity to work with overwhelm, ambiguity, diversity and complexity and bring our full intelligence to our work – so that we can see into and work with solutions that lie at the edge of what’s possible.


At Impact Genius™ we’re choosing option 3:
Fully Waking Up and Staying Awake and we’re on a mission to Empower 1 million revolutionary women to become the true Agents of Change the world needs now.
We’d love you to be one of them.

Welcome to

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Launching 1st June 2017

The essential online learning journey
for women changemakers WHO KNOW


Impact Genius - Susan Bailey

Susan Bailey

If you are a woman changemaker wanting to step into your true power in the world…take this opportunity to train with Morna.

Morna has a unique and powerful way of leading, facilitating and teaching transformation cultivated through years of personal development and practice in the change making world. She is a real person, nonjudgmental, accepting and open which in turn creates space for her students to show up just as they are and reveal their true wisdom. Morna’s multi-year work in leading personal and organizational transformation within our 10,000 member, women-led social movement has been instrumental in creating a pathway for us to thrive into the future. If you are a woman changemaker wanting to step into your true power in the world and make the difference you were born to make – take this opportunity to train with Morna.

Susan Bailey
New Zealand Playcentre Movement

I’ve taken the best of

my learnings

from coaching, teaching and leading 1000’s of women changemakers

My own experience leading and creating social good organizations and experimental projects in the field of social transformation, and…

The richest gems from my depth of post conventional leadership training…

To create what I know is the most powerful program of its kind for women changemakers.

The quality of results produced by any system depends on the quality of awareness from which people in the system operate.

― Otto Sharmer, Theory U

Program Philosophy

We believe,

we know that true changemaking work in the world, transformational work, begins and ends with you. We must become the change we wish to see in the world. This is a lifetime journey.



Our Definition: Changing the form of the container (your mind and body); Making it larger, more complex, more able to work with complexity and uncertainty.

Transformation likely evokes a range of responses in you based on your background, experience and how others define it. At Impact Genius™ we work with a very specific and robust definition of transformation.

Our definition of


Transformation is more than simply adding information into a container (your mind for example) that already exists.

Transformation is about changing the very form of the container-making it larger, more complex, more able to deal with complexity and uncertainty. Transformation occurs (according to Harvard Professor, Robert Kegan), when you are newly able to step back and reflect on something and make decisions about it. Transformative learning happens when someone changes:

“…not just the way she behaves, not the just the way she feels, but the way she knows — not just what she knows but the way she knows.”

— From Changing on the Job, Developing Leaders for a Complex World, Jennifer Garvey Berger

The Impact Genius™ program is designed to help changemakers ‘expand the form of the container’. We define that container as not just our head brain, but the full intelligence of our minds and bodies.

The Impact Genius™ program moves beyond conventional leadership training by skillfully weaving together a robust combination of art, science and lived experience including:

  • Contemplative practices
  • Leadership and systems learning theories
  • Action learning and practical leadership experience
  • Expressive arts
  • Neuroscience
  • Embodiment
  • Complexity science, and
  • The lived experience of 1000’s of changemaking women…

To create an extremely powerful container for growth and transformation.

We believe, we KNOW that you cannot change systems by fighting the existing reality or coming from the forms of mind that created the deep systemic issues we work with. We urgently need more changemakers with the capacity to work with and see into futures unknown.


The real work of the changemaker is to become the change she wishes to see in the world. I can’t wait to work with you!

― Morna

Impact Genius™ — A 6 Module Online Learning Journey

a 6 module, transformational online learning journey

which includes personal coaching with Morna and connection
to a powerful learning community of fellow changemakers

— You will learn —

Module 1

Impact ™ The essential online learning journey for women working at the edge of what’s possible.

Creating the Container

Preparing for the journey, gathering your tools, filling your backpack, getting ready to embark

Most development programs don’t acknowledge that you are busy and perhaps already working at the edge of burnout, so we’ll begin by creating the psychological and physical space for transformative learning. This module is all about creating spaciousness, transforming your relationship with time, creating a powerful learning container and learning the tools and techniques to get maximum impact in the program.

In this module you will:


Learn how to create and access your flow state for optimal learning in the program and transforming stress into calmness and clarity.



Create our intentions for learning together — a powerful foundation to maximize learning.



Understand how we define transformation, how our mind develops and transforms as adults and where you are at right now.



Learn the ‘notice, recognize, respond’ model — an essential tool for moving beyond self judgment and criticism and making friends with yourself, your strengths and your shadows.



Meet your mates on the journey and receive your invitation to join the IG community.

Module 2

Impact Genius with Morna Haist - Module 2 - What Time is it in Your World?

What Time is it in Your World?

Put your cards on the table, look in the mirror and take stock; Let your lights shine and illuminate your shadows. Reality is where the magic happens.

You cannot change what you don’t see. In this module I guide you through the process of radical self inquiry, you’ll arm yourself with powerful self knowledge, illuminating who you are and how you are right now, in this time in your life – you’ll then use this knowledge to create your unique intentions and goals for the program.

In this module you will:


Complete a powerful assessment that shows you how your Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions are working for you or against you.



Surface how you are REALLY feeling, we’ll assess your ‘inner climate’ are you wading in calm waters or battling stormy seas?



Uncover and bring into the light your current ‘habits of mind’ and how these may consciously and unconsciously hold you back.



Reflect on your stage and ‘season’ in life and how this meshes with your work in the world.



And…now that we’ve stared reality in the face, you’ll use these discoveries to create powerful intentions and goals for the program.

Module 3

Impact Genius™ — Module 3 — Impact on Purpose. Stand on Solid Ground.

Impact on Purpose

AHA….YES! Stand on Solid Ground. This is who I really am and what I really want! Power, Strength.

In this module you’ll become grounded in what’s truly important to you. Become crystal clear about WHY you are doing what you are doing, what you really value and how you best work. This essential work creates energy, strong boundaries and the ability to say NO with confidence and clarity. This module creates the kind of solid ground essential for creating not just impact but GOOD impact in the world.

In this module you will:


Connect to your most powerful ‘why’ for laser-like focus.



Illuminate your subconscious value system to bring you back into alignment in situations that ‘just feel wrong.’



Clearly understand what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it (your working style) and who you want to surround yourself — your mates and support system on your journey.



We’ll use this information to create your personal philosophy wheel: a powerful map of your non negotiables and negotiables, your why, what and how!

Module 4

Impact Genius with Morna Haist - Module 4 — Good Impact Mindset.

Good Impact Mindset

Come as you are, radical self-acceptance and basic friendliness towards self, standing in the present moment and showing up to ‘what is’.

Essential habits of mind for sane, effective, badass impact.

There’s no way around it. Your work is challenging; Changing the world is tough and sometimes, ok often, your work may take you to the edge of what you can handle and beyond. In this module, we’ll start illuminating your ‘view’ as an changemaker by cultivating an inner climate and essential habits of mind that bring joy, calm and flow to your work AND increase your ability to work with complex, challenging and ambiguous situations—increasing your impact AND effectiveness.

In this module you will:


Understand the potential for transforming your ‘form of mind’, to increase your capacity to work with complexity, diversity, ambiguity — the places where true change emerges.



Learn and cultivate the essential habits of mind that enable you to welcome and work with both the light and the shadows in your work.



Develop your ‘changemakers view’, a useful lens for cultivating curiosity, compassion and courage in your work.



Illuminate where your mind might trick or trap you — how to work with fear, anger, ego and stuck places.



And… learn a powerful tool for working with complexity and sensing into multiple perspectives.

Module 5

Impact Genius with Morna Haist - Module 5 — Empowered Presence.

Empowered Presence

Stand in your true power and grace in each moment.

In this truly transforming module you’ll learn my most powerful practices for leading with empowered presence in each moment. Imagine being in any situation knowing you have the tools to instantly change how you think, feel and act! We’ll create powerful habits that literally transform your brains’ neural pathways and access your multiple intelligences – the incredible wisdom of your heart, head and gut. This one’s gonna be good!

In this module you will:


Learn the transformative power of daily rituals and develop your own unique rituals.



Learn two of my most powerful processes for accessing your Head, Heart and Gut intelligences so you can bring your whole self to every situation.



Learn my favorite and road tested practice for instantly changing how you feel in any situation so you can stand in your true power in each moment.



Learn a life transforming practice for creating mindfulness in the moment.



AND…if you’re one of those folks who struggles to get to sleep, I’ll show you a super simple technique that will have you asleep as you hit pillow.

Module 6

Impact Genius with Morna Haist - Module 6 — 90 Days of Good Impact

90 Days of Good Impact

In this module, the Rubber Hits the Road!

Drawing on all we’ve learned and discovered, let’s make it real and start practicing our new tools. Create your daily habits of action, design your best day, structure your life for Good Impact.

Sometimes we learn great things, but struggle to integrate new ways of being and doing into our daily life. Not this time! We’ll finish how we began, by creating a powerful structure and container to bring all you’ve learned to life, your daily life. It’s time to get crystal clarity on your new daily ‘habits of action’, bring your key program learnings to life, get super practical and grounded and bring structure around the changes you want to make so you can…Get more Good Shit Done, everyday!

By the end of this module you’ll:


Review the program goals and intentions you created in Module 2 and bring your key program learnings to life.



Become crystal clear about what you want to achieve over the next 90 days.



Create your unique roadmap for ‘90 Days of Good Impact’ .



You’ll learn what and how to delegate to your support team and we’ll create an essential absolute NO list!



Design a day that works for specifically for you by creating your ‘ideal day template’.


Impact Genius™ with Morna Haist - Bonus

Personal Coaching & Community

Bonus! You’ll get incredible personal support from Morna and a community of women changemakers.

You’ll work personally with me in three ways:


A one-one-one coaching call with me. I simply don’t offer one off coaching sessions outside of this program, so this is a wonderful opportunity for breaking through stuck places. I truly want you to create maximum impact in the good work you do.



Once a month, current Impact Genius™ students will gather online for 90 minutes of questions, inquiry and personal support. Not only will you receive my support but the support of the Impact Genius™ community and friends.



AND I’ll be offering weekly office hours in our Facebook group, so you don’t have to wait for your coaching call or monthly group call for support! I’ll lead you through practices from the program, answer questions, offer support and friendship.


Finally, you’ll be offered the opportunity to become a founding member of our ‘Global Impact Makers’ community of women changemakers, when it launches in 2018!


My mission is clear, it’s to empower revolutionary women like you from all corners of the planet with the tools to transform themselves and transform the world. The world needs YOU now. I’m here to support you as you move through this powerful program, breakthrough stuck places and really embed and practice the learnings. I’ll walk alongside you to ensure amazing results and help you create MAXIMUM impact in the work you care about. With gratitude for your work in the world…

― Morna


Revolutionary Woman with Morna Haist