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Who we are and what we do

You’re Invited…

To take your seat at the Revolutionary Woman Global Table.  

Join our diverse and powerful global community of change agents and women and girls who care in conversations and actions to re-shape the future of our planet at this critical time…



We are calling in the global system of women* and girls to join us in an audacious global conversation series that connects women agents of change, transformation leaders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, community leaders AND any and ALL women and girls who yearn to connect with others and accelerate our impact at this critical time. This is a real invitation to have a seat at a table you’ve co-created with other women to focus on what’s needed for our planet and future. How it works:  Throughout 2021 and 2022, you’ll be invited to monthly (online) large-scale conversations where you’ll connect with other passionate women and girls, movers and shakers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators leading grass roots initiatives from 11 countries and counting. Can you imagine what becomes possible when we bridge our divides and come together in powerful global conversations?  We become unstoppable. AND 50% of ticket price goes towards building our 2030 Global Fund, so that Revolutionary women and girls can directly, financially support women-led innovation, projects, and start-ups across the globe.


I believe that we cannot transform ourselves or our communities and planet by fighting our existing reality or coming from the mindsets and ways of working that created the deep systemic issues we work with 


Together is Better


Join us

This is a real invitation to take your seat at our global table.  

There are three ways to join:

  • Buy an Annual Ticket to the Table $55 USD, AND/OR
  • Give Lots – Who’s missing from our table?  With the ‘Give Lots’ option, you decide how much to pay (we suggest $165USD).  Includes annual seat at the table and 3 additional seats to help support other women and girls.   Support us to identify and remove barriers to accessing and participating at our global table.
  • Receive a complimentary seat at the table – this is for anyone who faces a barrier to joining.

We’re co-creating a global table for women and girls and you’re invited…

Your Hosts

Morna Haist Morna is a global leader in designing and holding spaces for transformation and has created hundreds of transformational learning events for 1000’s of diverse groups of leaders and entrepreneurs around the world.  She convenes powerful, empowering and  spaces that empower women to tune into their highest purpose, fully SHOW UP, take effective and courageous action and make the difference in the world we need now. As a pioneer in 21st Century Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Morna has learned to thrive working at the edge of what’s possible  (and so can you!).    As a serial entrepreneur and businesswoman she has co-created multiple innovative startups and experiments in personal and social change in diverse contexts.  In her own 2 decade transformation practice she has spoken, mentored and consulted around the world with people, businesses and organizations pioneering the next frontier. Morna served as the vice-chair of the ALIA Institute, was Founding Chair of Ako Books, and chair of the former Authentic Leadership Center at Naropa University.  Morna is a graduate of the ALIA Institute global leadership program, Naropa University’s Authentic Leadership programme, a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Coach. Susheela Ramachandran Susheela Ramachandran awakens people through sound and play. She’s also an intuitive guide, multi-gifted artist, and the Co-host of the Global Table at Revolutionary Woman™. Her mission is to help purpose-driven souls committed to a better world awaken and embody their full power and self-expression. Susheela’s angelic soul songs and “playgrounds” — deep work disguised as play — are the antidote for conscious, intuitive souls who feel scattered, uncertain, and hamster-wheel busy. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC.

What happens next

After registration, you will receive detailed information on how to join the conversation. We will host several 2 hour conversation blocks over the day, designed to cover as much of the planet as possible.  You’re welcome to join one, or all of the conversation times.   We will use a mix of Circle Practice and World Café and other group practices to ensure that we are all seen and heard and our voices, ideas and experiences included. Please note that our first event will be held in English – as we grow we will offer conversations and experiences in other languages as we work to open up and make the space as inclusive and accessible as possible. *What do we mean by Woman?  Our events are open to anyone who identifies as a woman or girl or who are allies that understand the need to create women-led spaces for women’s voices to be heard. YOUR VOICE, YOUR CONTRIBUTION, YOUR LEADERSHIP,  YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED NOW 


Revolutionary Woman with Morna Haist


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