Our Mission

is to empower

1 million revolutionary womxn from
all corners of the planet
to lead the change the world needs now.


Who we are and what we do

Ignite Your Leadership 

5 Essential Questions

Find a quiet spot and sit down with me for 30 minutes as I guide you through answering the 5 essential questions.  You’ll need 5 pieces of blank paper and your fav things to write with.

Over my years of leading womxn in circle and creating spaces for leaders and agents of change to thrive, I’ve discovered 5 powerful questions that help us create more clarity, more focus and strong loving boundaries around what’s most important to us, so we can consistently show up in ways that create the results we want.
When you don’t know the answers to these questions, you might find yourself always running out of time, showing up in the wrong places, running on empty feeling overwhelmed and burning out.
Knowing the answers to these questions helps you create more of what you want in the world, from a place that feels good and is true to you.
Enjoy and I love to hear people’s insights from these questions, so reach out and share anytime.


With love and gratitude for your work in the world.