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Who we are and what we do

Morna Haist


In this community I see women doing what they really want to be doing and forging their paths and that’s been important to see, it’s allowed me to feel more comfortable letting go of the big stuff in my life that was not in alignment and feel comfortable doing something completely different that IS in alignment. When I think about this, this is HUGE!
Sarah McCalden, Founder of the Female MSI Club


Amazing Womxn*,

Is 2021 is the year you’re DOING IT?

  • Starting, pivoting or growing your mission based business?
  • Stepping up to lead even more positive change?
  • Amplifying your unique voice and essential message?
  • Experiencing more moments of joy, fulfillment and satisfaction in your work, especially during challenging times?
  • Saying yes to bringing your world changing project to life (especially if your knees are knocking at the thought of it!)?
  • Standing fully in your power as a 21st Century agent of change?


This invitation is for you…


YOU are warmly invited to you join my powerful, diverse, global community of entrepreneurs, transformation leaders and agents of change and become a member of our: 

2021 Global Dojo: Possibility, Power and Progress.  

What’s a Dojo you ask? Click here to fast forward and find out…

It doesn’t get any more powerful than this!

You’ll gather weekly with 100 Female Entrepreneurs, Transformation Leaders and Agents of Change from across the planet.  Together we’ll amplify our voices, impact and influence as we collectively create a global ripple of positive change in 2021.

You and your work will be nourished and guided in a powerful global container designed to help you:

  • Consistently Name, Declare and Act On what you really want – your Highest Intention (you know what that really is – have you said it out loud?)
  • Claim your Power Spot and Take your most Powerful Stand in the World
  • Consistently Show Up so that you Become your Message
  • Experiencing more moments of Joy, Fulfillment and Satisfaction in your work, especially during challenging times
  • Consistently and skillfully navigate challenges and take Powerful and Aligned Action, so you can:

Step fully into your power as a 21st century leader.  Amplify your voice, your impact and your income in 2021.

Why Now?

Because your unique work, your voice,  your ideas, and your action is urgently needed.

Because the road ahead is almost certainly to continue to be rocky, with many twists and turns and unknowns and (you can trust me and everyone I’ve ever worked with on this!) there will be many days when you think you can’t continue.  Hello 2020!!  I’m guessing you’ve probably experienced many of those days this year!!

Because we cannot continue creating change or building our businesses and movements from the same ways of thinking and acting  that create the issues we face.  We can learn to experience more moments of joy and fulfillment in our work – no matter how challenging the circumstances.

It’s time to create and gather in spaces where we are mentored and invited to act and create from wholeness, connecting our highest intentions with wise, practical and aligned action.

And because I know for sure that – There’s just no way to do this work alone.

You are:

A womxn creating and navigating the next frontier in your work, life and leadership:

  • An entrepreneur on a mission to create positive change through your business – you likely work largely alone or with a small team.
  • Or a leader within a movement, social enterprise or world changing organization who craves an intentional space outside of your organization that’s focussed on you and how you show up most powerfully at this time.
  • Or a mission driven woman seeking a deliberate container to make consistent progress on an important project – like finishing and launching your book or program or perhaps re-inventing your life/business/organization.

What sets you apart is that your life, your business/organization, idea or project exists in service of creating a world that works, of changing, fixing or transforming something.

You know that you and your work is needed now.  You know it’s time to reach more people, create more impact and do so in a way that creates more moments of joy and fulfillment in your life.



Stand in your true power as an agent of change




This is for you


You often work at the edge of what’s possible.  Without the right support and structures, this space can often be exhausting, confusing and fuzzy.

You are constantly learning to navigate new waters.  You know you can get to your destination faster (and saner) with expert support and guidance.

You know that going solo sucks.  You understand the value of working with a guide and a powerful global cohort of peers on the same journey.  You know that what helped you get to where you are, likely isn’t enough to get you where you want to go.

You’re ready.  Ready to move through roadblocks and take action from more solid ground, action that gets you the results you’re wanting to create.

You’re committed.  To creating, launching, growing and significantly amplifying your work and impact in the year ahead.

When womxn gather to tune into, name and act on what’s most true and real for us…



It’s your time

The Dojo 2021 – Possibility, Power and Progress is currently open and accepting applications for our 2021 community.  There are 150 spaces in the community – we will begin gathering and working together in October 2020-through till the end of 2021.

100 spaces: _______ Membership: $98 US per month

50 spaces: Emerging Leader Membership: Pay what you can per month.



Here’s how it goes down:

The Dojo is a container, not a curriculum – what?

The Dojo is designed to help you create powerful boundaries of conscious intention around your leadership and your goals.

Boundaries that tune out the noise and consistently tune you into what’s most important – illuminating your next wise move, resolving any roadblocks – amplifying your leadership and your impact.  Because…Without strong boundaries, intentional structures and strategic support our environments take over – our inner environments (those voices and feelings of doubt, fear, anxiousness overwhelm and confusion) and our outer environments (complex demands, never ending choices and decisions, navigating relationships, all of those balls we juggle).

The details:

You’ll join an incredibly powerful, curated global group of womxn who, like you are committed to showing up FULLY for themselves and their work in 2021.

These women will have your fronts, your sides and your backs!

Together, we’ll breakthrough what it’s going to take to move your latest project from idea to impact, to grow and scale your work, to make your next bold move, to stand in your power as a 21st century leader.

Here’s what goes down in the Dojo:

  • The Global Dojo meets weekly for 90 minutes to:
  • Quarterly
  • Weekly


2021 Vision – Kickoff

We kick off 2021 with a powerful half day 2021 vision session, where you’ll:


Identify WHAT’s most important to you and WHY it’s important so you can powerfully align your mind and your actions around what you want.  Bring conscious awareness to HOW you want to show up, so you can create more powerful impact with your presence, words and actions.  Identify and name your top focus areas for the first 6 months of 2021 and create a sane, practical and sustainable structure for achieving your goals.


” Joining this group has the potential to open your eyes to possibilities that you’ve never explored or even considered. You’ll be able to get to know women from across the globe and gain valuable insights from them and you’ll be able to get the stuff done that you need to, in order to take you to the next level, by way of accountability. Sarah McCalden, community member and Founder of the Female MSI Club, Create your Own Economy

Weekly Global Dojo

The heart of this community is our weekly virtual Dojo.

Dojo translates to ‘the place of the way’ in Japanese.

A Dojo is ‘a hall or place for immersive learning or meditation’.  Our hall is global and virtual.

The ‘way’ we will be practicing in our Dojo is consistently tuning into and acting from our highest potential, creating the transformation and impact we are here to lead and create.   Tuning into and naming who we need to BE, and the specific wise actions we will take (each week) to move our work forward.

We’ll work in part as a global group and in at times in smaller groups with members that you will form a more intimate relationship with over the year.

Each week we will meet (LIVE) virtually from around the world here’s what we’ll do:

We’ll begin each session with collective mindfulness, embodiment and tuning in practices to connect us to our truth, make friends with ourselves and inner worlds and connect to our inner knowing.

We’ll meet weekly as a virtual group 3 times per month – this will fast become a non-negotiable part of your week.  We’ll use structures and practices that empower you to fully show up, so you’re able to give and receive exactly what you need in the moment.  Each session will be based on the 4 Square Model,  a powerful tool that empowers you to tune in fully to your highest intention, how you want to show up in the world and the specific next steps to  take that lead you to take the most powerful and wisest actions towards your goals.

4 Square

What are you here to Cause – what’s your highest intention and what you what to bring into your consciousness (awareness/focus)

Who do you need to Be

What will you commit to Doing?

What will you get?

Practice connecting to what is most important to us.

What we are holding space for is action.  Not just any old action but action aligned with what you really want and are really here to do.  The stuff that you might sit on when you’re alone.  The stuff that you know you’ll go faster on together.


“I look forward each week to meeting with these women, seeing what they are up to with their 4 square and accomplishing what they’ve set out to do.  Everyone is willing to be real.  I like tracking the progress of our 4 square and seeing how far I’ve come.  I enjoy that our focus is not just on what we do, but on who we need to be in order to reach our visions.   Especially with the pandemic shit that happened, I like that the group is willing to shift in order to meet the groups needs. Everyone is willing to let each member be where they are at, show up how they can and build each other up!” Karen Palin Pohlman, Author of Be Unmessable



Real time Community Co-Working Spaces

Talk about FB Group rooms.

Private FB Group for 24/7 peer support

There is something so powerful about having a place to share ANYTHING, anytime.  Salmine and Morna will be active in this group and here to help and so will your peers in the program.  This is a group of women who’ll have your fronts, your sides and your backs.

It’s your time






This is the year you stand fully in your true power as an agent of change and create even more massive positive impact through your presence and your actions


Here’s what I know for sure…

Truly transformative work, world changing work does not emerge from the same ways of being and doing that created the systemic issues we work with. We need to be sane beacons of light—skilled navigators, guides and map makers to see into and help create futures yet unseen.

Revolutionary work, requires an evolution in our own self awareness.  It requires radical self inquiry, radical self acceptance and an ongoing commitment to working with the gifts of our strengths and our shadows.

Creating good impact, the unique impact YOU were born to make, requires STRUCTURE a powerful structure, powerful tools.  And daily habits of mind and action that empower you to stand in your true power and bring your whole intelligence, mind and body, to your work.

You know it takes intentional support and specialized skills to lead from a future that doesn’t yet exist.  The future you work every day to create.


My friend, it’s time



Working with Morna…

Sue Bailey, CO-PRESIDENT NEW ZEALAND PLAYCENTRE MOVEMENTSusan Bailey, Immediate Past President New Zealand Playcentre Federation

If you’re a woman changemaker wanting to step into your true power in the world…take this opportunity to work with Morna.

Morna has a unique and powerful way of leading, facilitating and teaching transformation cultivated through years of personal development and practice in the change making world.  She is a real person, nonjudgmental, accepting and open which in turn creates space for her students to show up just as they are and reveal their true wisdom. Morna’s multi-year work in leading personal and organizational transformation within our 20,000 member, women-led social movement has been instrumental in creating a pathway for us to thrive into the future.


Janet Zaretsky,  Founder, BS-to-Brilliance Master, Coach, Speaker, Author

Morna is a fierce advocate for your greatness. 

Morna has a sharp listening for what is at the heart of someone – the often invisible core.  She is able to name the invisible and pull it out in a way that gives you access to seeing it yourself and taking wise action.  If you are up to a real difference being made in your life and leadership, working with Morna is the best action you could ever take.

Ruoyun Xu, CEO and Founder, C3Nami

Led me to the next level of how I show up 

“You helped me realize that yes, there is a reason why I can see how things are changing in this world and there is a reason why I always ask larger deeper questions that can ignite a revolution.  Our conversations and your reflection has led me to the next level of how I show up and how I can change my world and our society as a whole.  Your personality, realness and overall fun makes it so easy, thank you for opening the door and allowing me to step into my greatness.”


Kim Carpenter CEO and Founder, World Changing Women

Morna is a master facilitator, creating transformation for the whole room…

“Morna has a way of training that provides a clear, actionable structure to everything she’s teaching. She is a master trainer, breaking down concepts into simple steps for any type of learning style.  She is a part of my faculty and members have remarked at how easy it is to acquire insight and learning from Morna’s leadership.”


Revolutionary-Woman-Lisa-RuethLisa RuethFounder, CEO Cultivate Leadership

If you’re seeking to grow your impact in the world, train with Morna

“We hired Morna to help lead and design transformational curriculum for a leadership group in Brazil deeply affected by changes in their organization, a changing world and crashing economy. Morna has an innate ability to meet people where they are at and sense into what’s needed in emotionally charged and complex environments. Her empowered presence, honed expertise and wisdom enabled her to design a curriculum and transformation process that went on to translate across a further 7 cross-cultural groups across the Americas.”


Kim Standeven
Founder, Author and Spiritual Mentor

Morna’s coaching/mentoring is a blend of fierce compassion, honesty and accountability.

She sees my blindspots immediately and is genius at supporting me to shift with a little tough love and of course a lot of humor and care.  If you have come into Morna’s world, notice and say yes. There is a reason you have crossed paths with this amazing woman. You won’t regret the decision to work with her.


Tricia Fitzgerald
Founder Fitzgerald and Associates, Co-Founder and Chair Social Enterprise Auckland

Morna is a leader in change for good.

She is an innovator and visionary of how the world can be but also a pragmatic and determined trail blazer. I cannot recommend her highly enough if you are lucky enough to work with her.


You are alive at a critical time

Over the next few decades, every aspect of how we live, work and survive will transform.  You see the massive changes ahead directly in your work and everyday life, you know there’s a collective leap we need to make to not just survive, but thrive and you know it’s your job to help create a world that works.

There’s no time to waste.

What is the leap you need to make?

What are you ready to fully show up for?

Who do you need to be?

What’s your next big move?

3 States of Mind

When it’s your time you know it

The next round of Revolution 2020 Mastermind is opening for enrollment soon.   To express your interest, please complete the application form by clicking ‘Apply Now’.  I can’t wait to hear about what you care about, your vision for our future and how belonging to a community like mine can help you accelerate the realization of your vision – because the world needs you NOW.




With gratitude for your work in the world.



Revolutionary Woman with Morna Haist


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