Thank You

to the many people who have helped shape
and reshape me and my work in the world.


My Teachers and Mentors

Mum & Dad

The New Zealand Playcentre Movement
for teaching me pretty much everything I know about empowered presence, radical inclusion and social transformation. This work stands on the shoulders of 1000’s of powerful women. You know who you are!

Stephanie Philp

The ALIA Institute, Windhorse Farm and Master Class Teachers
Jim and Margaret Drescher, Susan Szpakowski, Susan Skjei Crane Stooky, Alan Sloan, Jerry Granelli, Barbara Bash, Tim Walker

The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter

The Presencing Institute

MBit Coaching International
Suzanne Henwood

The Ako Books Team

Tricia Fitzgerald & SEA
(Social Enterprise Auckland)

Lisa Markwick & ManawaOra

Murray Sheard & The Kitchen

Marianne Sue Kinley Cotter & Five

Lisa Nasa & Cockamamie Travel!

The ART Team Members & Catherine Cooper

Tangata Tiriti House & Te Whare Tikanga Maori

Virginia Barney, My Mentor & US Mom

To The Thousands of Brilliant, Incredible Women
I’ve had the privilege of training and coaching. Thank you for being my teachers and for your incredible work in the world.

Andreas, Molly, Rowen, Teddy, Pauline, Tanja,
Jo, Tee, Helene, Ginny, Dorien
— love you all.


Revolutionary Woman Development Team

Alicia Conte & Jessica Riehl
Programming & Partnerships
Baja forever Baby!

MA Studio Collective
Brand Strategy, Creative Direction & Development for Change Agents
Mary Wagner, Alexis Valentine & Steve Briggs

Caroline Colvin Photography
For the powerful imagery

Jo Newsham, Artist
For the gorgeous illustrations