Our Mission

is to empower

1 million revolutionary women from
all corners of the planet
to lead the change the world needs now.


Who we are and what we do

Dear Powerful Woman,

I’m absolutely delighted and humbled that you are here.

I see you, I know you, I am you.


My work as an agent of change in the world is to serve you and my mission is clear.

It’s to empower revolutionary women like you from all corners of the planet with the tools to transform themselves and their world.

The world needs YOU now.

I created Revolutionary Woman, as a global dojo for female transformation leaders. A training ground, a community, a laboratory, a place to rest and revive – an ecosystem for personal and global transformation.

This work is an authentic expression of my own journey of discovering, practicing and teaching the art and science of creating personal and systemic transformation. Learning to crawl, to sit and then to stand fully in empowered presence as a powerful agent of change in the world.

This has not been a solo journey, my teaching philosophy is rooted in the Māori philosophy of Ako; As I teach you, you teach me.

The coaching, mentoring and programs I offer are a reflection of the 1000’s of women changemakers I have led, taught and learned from — warrior women like you, who have helped shape and reshape me and in turn this work — just as you will.

You are alive right now, at this critical time in human history for a reason. The world REALLY needs you now. This, my friend, is your time to fully show up, to make the difference in the world you were born to make, to bring your whole self to your work and to become the Revolutionary Woman the world needs now.

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. I can’t wait to meet you.

With love and gratitude for your work in the world.



I believe we are at crossroads as a human species.

Which way are we going to go?

Are we going to collectively sink further into defensive routines, right and wrong thinking, quick fixes and short term solutions?

Or, are we going to do the real work, the deep transformational work it takes to develop the capacity to co-create a world that works for all?

Technology has entered our lives at a rapid pace, especially in the last 10 years; It constantly upgrades. But, what of our human technology? Our brains and our bodies — are we keeping pace? Is our ‘form of mind’ up for the challenges we face?

Or are we trying to work with outdated, faded maps—the same maps that created this mess we’re in?

It’s time to create the new maps.

At RW, we design bridges and scaffolds,

maps and guides

that increase your capacity to bring your full intelligence to the issues you work with.

Our programs and learning journeys are a robust combination of art, science and lived experience, moving beyond conventional leadership training by skillfully weaving together:

  • Contemplative Practices
  • Leadership & Systems Learning Theories
  • Action Learning
  • Expressive Arts
  • Neuroscience
  • Embodiment Science
  • Complexity Science, and
  • The Lived Experience of Leading Transformation

We believe, we KNOW that you cannot change systems by fighting the existing reality or coming from the forms of mind that created the deep systemic issues we work with. We urgently need female leaders with the capacity to work with and see into futures unknown.




Morna Haist

My work is an urgent call to action for women transformation leaders to do the real work it takes to fully SHOW UP, take courageous action and make  the difference in the world we need now. I imagine a world where women work to create a global tsunami of positive change — creating whole, healed, human communities, organizations and countries.

I’ve taken all that I’ve learned from two decades of changemaking practice, impact leadership and teaching to create a global dojo for women changemakers. 


Here’s the formal stuff about me – written in the 3rd person of course 😉

The Formal Stuff

Morna Haist is a global leader in education, coaching and mentoring for female transformation leaders.

As a mentor and master educator, her work empowers women change agents with the tools to transform themselves and their world.

Morna is a lifelong student, practitioner and pioneer in the art of participatory leadership and transformational change for personal, organizational and social good. Thriving at the edge of what’s possible, she has co-created innovative startups and experiments in personal and social change, led country-wide transformation projects and designed and led hundreds of transformational learning events for women.

She is a graduate of the ALIA Institute global leadership program, Naropa University’s Authentic Leadership programme, a certified NLP Master Practitioner and MBit (Multiple Brains) Coach.

Morna created Revolutionary Woman, as a global dojo for transformation leaders – women working at the edge of what’s possible. A training ground, a community, a laboratory, a place to rest and revive…an ecosystem for personal and global transformation.

From the Elders

of the Hopi Nation
Oraibi, Arizona, June 8, 2000

To my fellow swimmers:
Here is a river flowing now very fast
It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid, who will try
To hold on to the shore
They are being torn apart and will suffer greatly

Know that the river has its destination
The elders say we must let go of the shore
Push off into the middle of the river
And keep our heads above water

And I say see who is there with you
And celebrate
At this time in history
We are to take nothing personally
Least of all ourselves
For the moment we do
Our spiritual growth and journey come to a halt

The time of the lone wolf is over
Gather yourselves
Banish the word struggle from your vocabulary

All that we do now must be done
In a sacred manner and in celebration
For we are the ones we have been waiting for

Perseverance by Margaret Wheatley


Revolutionary Woman with Morna Haist


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