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Who we are and what we do

As a human species – we are at a cross roads.

Which way are we going to go?

Are we going to collectively sink further into defensive routines, right and wrong thinking, quick fixes and short term solutions?

Or, are we going to do the real work, the deep transformational work it takes to develop the capacity to co-create a world that works for all?

Technology has entered our lives at a rapid pace, especially in the last 10 years; it constantly upgrades.

But what of our human technology—our brains and our bodies? Are we keeping pace? Is our ‘form of mind’ up for the challenges we face?

Or, are we trying to work with outdated, faded maps—the same maps that created this mess we’re in?


The world urgently needs female leaders with the capacity to work with and see into

futures unknown…

At RWG, we design bridges and scaffolds, maps and guides that increase your capacity to bring your full intelligence to the issues you work with.

Our Annual Global Dojo, programs, and learning journeys are a robust combination of art, science and lived experience—moving beyond conventional leadership training by skillfully weaving together:

  • Contemplative Practices
  • Leadership & Systems Learning Theories
  • Action Learning
  • Expressive Arts
  • Neuroscience
  • Embodiment Science
  • Complexity Science, and
  • The Lived Experience of Leading Transformation

We believe—we KNOW—that we cannot change systems by fighting the existing reality or coming from the forms of mind that created the deep systemic issues we work with.

This is why we gather. 


Team Revolutionary

Team Revolutionary

In this together 🙂

Morna Haist

  1. Your Guide and Mentor in Transformation
  2. From New Zealand, living in Canada
  3. Working with Agents of Change, Pioneers and Edgewalkers

Tara Barnes

  1. Your Global Community Assistant
  2. From the United States, living in Greece
  3. Empowering artists & refugees

Susheela Ramachandran

  1. Co-host of The Global Table 
  2. From & living in Canada
  3. Expanding women’s sense of curiosity and wonder in divine feminine play

… And all the others who make this possible…

Our work in the world…

coming soon 🙂




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