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You are alive at a critical time.  

You know this is an all hands on deck moment for the human race.  

How you show up

How you choose to lead

Where you choose to direct your skills your influence and your power


Welcome to Revolutionary Woman™

Step fully into your power and make the difference you’re here to make at this unique time on our planet.



You care about the world.

a lot.

The work you do is urgent and important.

The world needs YOU now. Not the exhausted, overcommitted, adrenaline powered you.

The you that is calm, clear-sighted, powerfully grounded and inspired in your work for the common good of our planet.

I know you want your work to have real impact, impact that doesn’t cost you your health or your sanity, the kind of impact that makes a real difference to the people, organizations and causes you serve!


Revolutionary ˈrevəˈlo͞oSHəˌnerē/


“Fearless advocate and creator of radical positive change”

Fate whispers to the warrior… ‘You cannot withstand the storm’ and the warrior whispers back…
‘I am the Storm.’

― Author

Lisa Rueth CEO Cultivate Leadership Student, Masters in Social Change

Lisa Rueth

If you’re seeking to grow your impact in the world, train with Morna.

We hired Morna to help lead and design transformational curriculum for a leadership group in Brazil deeply affected by changes in their organization, a changing world and crashing economy. We chose Morna because of her innate ability to meet people where they are at and sense into what’s needed in emotionally charged and complex environments. Her empowered presence, honed expertise and wisdom enabled her to design a curriculum and transformation process that went on to translate across a further 7 cross-cultural groups across the Americas. Morna is one of the few women in the world that I know who is capable of producing such results.


Lisa Rueth
CEO Cultivate Leadership
Student, Masters in Social Change



After coaching, teaching and leading 1000’s of

women entrepreneurs and agents of change

women just like you, driven to create good impact in the world I know for sure that:

Truly Transformative Work, world changing work does not emerge from the same ways of being and doing that created the systemic issues we work with.

We need to become sane beacons of light—skilled navigators, guides and map makers to see into and help create futures yet unseen.

Revolutionary Work, requires an evolution in our own self awareness.

It requires radical self inquiry, radical self acceptance and an ongoing commitment to working with the gifts of our strengths and our shadows.

Creating Good Impact, the unique impact YOU were born to make, requires a powerful structure, powerful tools…

And daily habits of mind and action that empower you to stand in your true power and bring your whole intelligence, mind and body, to your work.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

― R. Buckminster Fuller

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You’ll become part of a global sisterhood of women who’ve got each others backs, sides and fronts, women who, like you are committed to showing up FULLY for themselves and their work in 2021.

Together, we’ll breakthrough what it’s going to take to move your latest project from idea to impact, to start, grow and scale your business, to make your next bold move, to stand in your power as a 21st century leader.

There’s no more time to waste, the curtain is up and you’re on.



Tricia Fitzgerald

Morna is a leader in change for good.

She is an innovator and visionary of how the world can be but also a pragmatic and determined trail blazer. I cannot recommend her highly enough if you are lucky enough to work with her.


Tricia Fitzgerald, PHD
Fitzgerald and Associates, co-founder of SEA





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