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and the space to shape the future of our planet.

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Who we are and what we do

Revolutionary change happens in community.

It can start as a pie-in-the-sky dream about your role in an industry, a book only you could write, or an unfocused frustration with some way we are as a species that just doesn’t work anymore.

Whatever you’re discovering is yours to contribute (and even if you have no clue), Revolutionary Woman Global is a live, communal practice ground to develop your muscles in leading from futures that don’t yet exist.

By becoming masterful

in navigating emergent spaces together (rooted in sanity & our sense of self) we can:

  • Increase our daily sense of joy, fulfillment and achievement
  • Strengthen our collective capacity to solve real problems in our personal and professional lives, and
  • Experience leading from our whole selves.

From here, we begin to co-create a world that works for all. 

We gather for the highest possibility of our work in the world to unfold.


the Global Community

Collectively creating a world that works

It’s a life longlong dream of mine to be in a container of this calibre. I have full body goosebumps when I tune into the potential in this community which is not North America centric and not white woman centric.

— Victoria Lucía Montemayor, Artist and Storyteller

the Dojo

A gathering ground at the level of your higher calling

“The Dojo keeps focusing us back on who we need to be so we can show up to actually do what we want to do.”  — Karen Palin Pohlman, Award Winning Author, New Mexico, United States

Epic Adventures

Alchemical, focused experiences for your biggest possibilities

“If you’re seeking to grow your impact in the world, train with Morna.” — Lisa Rueth, CEO Cultivate Leadership, United States

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“Fearless advocate and creator of radical positive change”


Powerful woman, I’m so happy you’re here.

I see you. I know you. I am you.

Hi, I’m Morna Haist and I created Revolutionary Woman Global as an ecosystem for women leaders, entrepreneurs, pioneers and agents of change. It’s a training ground, a community, a laboratory, a place to rest and revive—it’s a holistic environment to nurture personal and global transformation.

Revolutionary work requires an evolution in our own self awareness. The mentoring, communities, and programs I offer are a reflection of the 1000’s of women changemakers I have led, taught, and learned from—warrior women like you—who have helped shape and reshape me and this work, just as you will.

You are alive right now at this critical time in human history for a reason. The world REALLY needs you now.  This, my friend, is your time to fully show up, to make the difference in the world you were born to make, to bring your whole self to your work and to become the Revolutionary Woman the world needs now.


Begin your revolutionary adventure

Amazing Woman, what if the next 20 minutes changed the trajectory of your life?

Join Revolutionary Woman Global Founder Morna Haist for this powerful 20-minute session as she guides you to cut through the noise and skillfully tune into your own knowing.

When you don’t know the answers to The 5 Essential Questions, you may find yourself always running out of time, showing up in the wrong places, chasing your dreams, and running on empty. 

But taking just twenty minutes to answer these five questions will leave you empowered with clarity and connected to your true contribution. The answers will set you on a trajectory to consistently show up and creating tangible results in the areas of life most important to you (and feel great while doing it).

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Completed by hundreds of women agents of change, entrepreneurs, and leaders worldwide 

Words lovingly crafted in collaboration between Victoria Lucía Montemayor , The Storytelling Specialist and Morna Haist.
Original design credit Mary Wagner, latest design remix by Morna.
Tiger Photos yes that Morna’s real tiger 🙂 taken by Caroline Colvin